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Website Development

My website has been up for a few years now, and it has gone through some pretty drastic changes as my business and brand has developed. As mentioned in my Branding blog post, my original house colours used to be white and orange, then at the end of 2022 they were changed to red and white. This is what remains of my old website: 

Originally i found that i had created with a variety of illustrations and light hearted copy, when revising my branding i wanted to give off more of a professional demeanour. Reflecting back, i think i did this as i remember feeling so determined to prove that my business was more than just a university "side hustle" i wanted to be taken seriously and not seen as a student. As i have witnessed how businesses use students transactionally for very little in return. Which may be good at the beginning of a students journey but i felt that i wanted more than that and i wanted to change my perception. In hindsight, i think i went too far in this direction and tried to front a persona which perhaps i couldn't keep up with. Now i am finding the middle ground and i think my current website somewhat reflects that, i am currently developing my new website to further find my footing in the industry and create a truly authentic brand.

The Current Website

The newest published website consists of 5 key pages not including this Journal page which was created for the University Module. I spent a very long time creating this website to make it look smooth and professional. I think the overall branding and style was to a professional standard, but i think i over populated the website with 'wish-washy' information, each project has too much detail and i think in the future the website will be stripped back to the essentials

Websites that inspire me

Feel Good Films Ltd

Feel good films are a production company run by some friends of mine over in Chichester, they are doing incredibly well and their website is such a great representation of their brand! Their freindly nature comes through the branding and the copy. The website is fast and is engaging to scroll through.

The Lightfoot Agency

The Lightfoot Agency are a London based agency that are currently growing rapidly and working with some major brands all over the UK, their website really stands out from their opening banner video which you are presented with on the home page. This is something that i would like to incorporate in my developing website

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