Industry and Role Research

Analysis of potential roles and placements within the video production industry.

Industry Research

Turbulent, uncontrollable, so best hang on!

The creative industry is one of the most interesting and intertwined communities within modern day culture. One of the things that i love about the creative industry is the progression and entanglement it has had with western culture. For better or for worse, Art is something that has been commoditised through the development in information sharing online. Creative talent and success is no longer for the 1% fortunate enough to make it to the top of the industry as every year, creativity is encouraged and the barrier to entry becomes lower and lower. Children growing up with iPads and Smartphones are exposed to creative platforms and outlets through a swiping social media culture.

There are pro's and con's to this depending on your stance, but it's completely out of your control, so i believe its worth looking for the positives and using them to your advantage! 

Content Creation and Modern Social Trends

As mentioned, the barrier to entry with content creation gets lower and lower every year, not only has your phone probably got what was considered close to cinema level quality 50 years ago, but platforms like TikTok and Instagram encourage content creation from young adults in exchange for status and following.

I was born in 2000, I learnt how to edit videos when i was in my mid-teens. If i wanted to be content creator online, i would have to create Youtube videos on a consistent basis that were around 10 minutes and would require at least a days work. These would then be shared online, but due to the nature of the platform and its distribution methods it would be a miracle if i garnered a few thousand views. If i was wanted to create content now, i could create multiple short videos for TikTok and Instagram which would due to the fast paced distribution, would be more likely to generate a tonne of views, and personal satisfaction and dopaminergic response

Camera equipment has also become a lot more successful, my main video camera the Sony FX3 cost a few thousand and it on the Netflix Approved list establishing it as a Cinema Camera. This is incredibly accessible in comparison to the history of cinema cameras.

My Industry Experience

I have been working in the creative industry as both an agency owner and freelance videographer over the past 3 years. When i started, i was creating free work for local coffeeshops and gyms during the social (and legally) appropriate times in the COVID 19 Lockdown. I absolutely fell in love with commercial videography from as soon as came across it, i choose my words carefully there as i my passion lies in creating videos to serve a purpose (like sales, or raising awareness) as opposed to creating what i think looks appealing.

After around 6 months of working closely with businesses for free, the guilt got the better of them and they told me that i should be charging for my services. I started small at around £100 per promotional video which translated to about £4 per hour for some projects. As i started to see a career in videography i started to raise my prices throughout the years until i was able to quit my part time job and go full time with my obsession for creating videos.

Now i run a small production agency in Southsea, which brings other likeminded creatives onto collaberative projects for clients. I have met some of my best freinds through this and had some incredible experiences. All whilst making a living doing what i love! 

Creative Entrepreneurship

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar

I am writing this blog for the Creative Platforms module within my undergraduate degree at The University of Portsmouth. This module is a little bit difficult for me as it revolves around creative employment after university with the request to breakdown job listings. I'm in the fortunate position now where i am committed to creating my own path as a creative entrepreneur so plan to be the one making the job listings! 

One thing that wasn't touched on in my personal experience in the industry was the low points of trying to get Farfly Media off the ground. Last year it felt like every few months, i would be scraping money together to pay rent and my dreams of being self employed after university seemed less and less achievable. In these times, i would look into jobs that i would qualify for within other production companies that i admired. These would be incredible oppurtunities and if i wasnt so set on my current path, these are the jobs i would choose.

Inov8 Videographer and Editor

Inov8 Studios Videographer & Editor

Inov8 studios is a company that i have always admired, the founder followed a similar path to me and is in his 20s along with the other directors. I have had a few conversations with him and we have a lot in common! This job is one that i almost took at the end of 2022, when i was financially struggling.

Skills Required

  • 2+ years of specialist experience.
  • Organized with strong attention to detail.
  • A self-starter. We like to give our staff the freedom to grow and get creative.
  • Strong understanding of current online video trends and the best ways to format content for success.
  • A drive for career progression and to continue learning.
  • Solid time-management skills with the ability to evaluate and determine technical feasibility to give accurate timescales for delivery to our clients.
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Extensive adobe suite knowledge. (AE & Premiere specifically)
  • Great ability to work collaboratively with our creative teammates.
  • Pride and ownership of your work and the content you’re producing.

Company Behaviours:

  • Team First: We listen to each other and nurture mutual respect. We don’t accept egos.
  • Problem-Solving: We don’t just call it out. We keep our momentum by proactively solving problems.
  • Hard Work: Building something special needs grit and dedication.

Nice to have but not a deal-breaker:

  • Ability to create attention-grabbing cover images / Thumbnails.
  • University level qualifications
  • Caffeine addict

Gymshark Creative Video Editor

Creative Video Editor Gymshark
  • Proven track record in video editing that is effective and fit for purpose.
  • Expert knowledge in Adobe Creative Cloud suite, especially Premiere Pro, Audition, After effects is essential.
  • Good knowledge and experience in more advanced software's such as Black Magic Davinci Resolve, Cinema 4D, etc. is preferred.
  • Methodical approach to archiving video files.• Ability to follow creative direction whilst also thinking outside the box.
  • Preferred to have awareness of the Gymshark Brand.
  • A good understanding of brand and corporate guidelines is essential.• A good understanding of media law, copyright, usage rights etc. is preferred.
  • Creative thinker with the ability to get the most out of each brief.• Combine a creative, innovative approach with commercial ideas.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills ? being able to quickly establish effective relationships at all levels (internal & external) with gravitas and strength.
  • Able to get ideas across effectively to gain relevant buy-in and support.

Digital Voices Videographer

  • Produce video content to a professional standard with a good understanding of style, typography, sound & color grading
  • Take ownership of our video output by improving the quality, creativity, consistency and delivery
  • Plan, film and edit our monthly podcast, along with regular events and conferences
  • Aid creatively in the video process, from initial ideation to final product
  • Stay up to date with trends and understand the social media landscape to make engaging, digital-first content
  • Effectively communicate to key stakeholders on expectations and current workflow.
  • Maintain all backups of footage and archived data in case of an emergency or loss.
  • Translate brand assets into custom motion graphics elements (particularly typographic animations etc.)
  • Work with the brand team to define the overall vision and reach marketing objectives
  • Collaborate with the wider team to set the standard for clients in the agency portfolio

Studios that Inspire me

Inov8 Studios

As mentioned previously, Inov8 is a production studio based in Bristol. They create fantastic commerical work for businesses all over the UK. I find them really inspiring as i find them so easy to relate to. There are two founders and three directors, the two founders were originally from Hampshire and have similar interests to me. Their branding is at a really high standard and i see them as proof in pudding! They're a flag in the ground to me, proving that it can be done.

Lightfoot Agency

The Lightfoot Agency are a content creation agency born in austrailia based in London, in my opinion they are one of the fastest growing production companies in the UK and they are producing work for some huge brands globally.

I have actually started working with them on a regular freelance basis to shoot for brands such as Mixmag, Forbidden Forest and Moet Hennesse

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